Menus (new)


Our menus have been designed using the finest local and seasonal produce.

Modern cooking techniques and a real passion for ingredients have been demonstrated throughout the sample menu options below

All Menus are very flexible and can be tailored to suit any dietary requirements. The menus have been based on current demand from clients and offer a varied level of cost and style.

If the sample menus do not take your fancy, then we can write a bespoke menu for you based on your personal preference.

We offer varied menu options and formats to suit all requirements



For the more conventional menus-You have an option of choosing two starters, two main courses and two desserts.

Simply choose your Canape / Starter / Main /Dessert / Evening Snack to work out your estimated total food cost. In addition to food cost you may have cater-hire costs, depending on your venue’s facilities. For more information on cater-hire costs, click here

Please remember to add v.a.t to the final bill.



Spit Roast & Hog Roasts

Hog Roasts and Spit Roasts

Hog Roasts & Spit Roasts

A cost effective way of entertaining your guests. Our Hog Roast & Spit Roast service provides a main meal which can be altered to your own personal preference.

Our Titan Hog roaster can also be used as a spit roast which can cook up to 30 chickens at one time. Modern cooking techniques can be used to enhance the overall product, i.e. smoking meats.

Starters and Desserts can be added to your package, if you prefer a three course format, by visiting our sample menu page.

All staff costs relating to food are covered and are included in the menu price per person.

Sharing Platters & Buffets
Your Street Food Menus (new)

We suggest for a wedding you choose a selection of 7-8 street foods and one sweet for the entire day.

Your timeline can be scheduled over the day with the format of how and where the food is delivered.

For example, you might have two street foods during canape time and then 3 for the main meal with one sweet, and then 1 for the evening snack.


Street food can be spread out throughout the day – served in an informal manner . Great for guest interaction and a very relaxed social way of dining .

*All prices are per person (pp) and vat exclusive

BBQ Grill & Spit Roasting Menu (new)

For the menu choices for USA BBQ and Grill, we suggest a starter/main and then add side dishes to complete the meal.

Starters and Desserts can be added from the conventional sample menus we offer.

Beverage & Cash Bars (new)

 All prices include the cost of glass-hire  – A £150 bar set up fee will apply

Waiters to clear glasses will be required at a rate of £14 an hour

Please note, an occasional alcohol license will be required to sell alcohol at your venue. Season Catering will need to apply for the Licence at least 8 weeks before the event and have it approved before any cash bar can commence.

Call Joanna on (+44) 07908702669 for more information.